Interstate Transport 

It's ​sounds very scary and the first one was .
Now i have flown pups to every state and territory .
with only a few small problems planes arriving late, being​ put on next flight.
​The way it works with me
​ (lets say there are 4 pups traveling )
​ is i will suggest a date then i will see how that works with everyone then TRY to make everyone happy.
I try my best to only do one trip to the airport it's so much fun.

Then share the cost $200 divide by 4 so $50 each .
Its a 5 hour return trip to airport for me so normally a 7 to 8 hour + day by time we stop for a play and a wash then hold onto them for as long as possible  before departure.

Here are a few prices for airfares from 2014 this is a guide not a quote with crate hire
Adelaide $107 ​​​
Loncestion $111
Hobart ​​$106
Brisbane $131
oolangatta​ ​$158
Bundaberg $210
​Darwin $305
Perth $227​
​​Sydney $139
pups travel in a pp40 crate you can also buy the crate that your pup travels in ( in some cases to regional areas its cheper )
​i do not get a commission or try to gain anything out of transport.
you can​ sort your own transport out 
you are more than welcome to ​.

I use jet pet pet couriers they are very professional with clean air conditioned facilitates with kind and caring people who handle the pups.
​i have gone to use or been asked to use others i was not happy. i will not release pups into crap conditions!! 
​   ​​

​some days will not work for me i have 6 kids 
I have no problems with people ​​coming down (or up) to pick up and if you have relatives or old friends it's a great chance to catch up.
I am 2hr east of Melbourne ​